Using HTML Attributes as React Component Props in TypeScript

The hardest thing in TypeScript is knowing what types to give things, especially when using third-party libraries like React. My most recent headache has been trying to find a decent way to capture common HTML attributes, like id and className, without having to hard code them into the component's bespoke props.

The solution

The solution is actually quite simple - embarssingly simple - and yet quite difficult to find if you don't quite know what you're looking for. Or you're me and keep forgetting how you solved this problem the last time you encountered it.

Turns out that React has a utility type for containing all the attributes that can be passed to HTML elements: HTMLAttributes. This is a generic type, which means it accepts a type parameter. In this case, the type parameter is just a plain-old object that you can use to nest an extension into HTMLAttributes (which is pretty handy).

Before HTMLAttribtues, I would have had to do this:

// We have to include children explicitly in our bespoke prop-
// type for the <Wrapper/>
type OwnProps = {
    children?: React.ReactNode

const Wrapper = ({ children }: OwnProps) =>

After HTMLAttributes, we get to do this:

// We don't need a bespoke prop-type!
const Wrapper = ({ children }: React.HTMLAttributes<{}>) => (

It's wonderful!